Post-Retirement Benefit (PRB) Calculator

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The Post-Retirement Benefit is a new benefit for people who work and make CPP contributions while already receiving a CPP retirement pension. The Government of Canada has developed this calculator to help you better understand how contributions to the Post-Retirement Benefit (PRB) will further contribute to your financial security after you retire.

A Post-Retirement Pension (PRB) is payable the year following the year you make contributions. You will receive a new PRB for each year you make contributions. Each new PRB will be added to any previous PRBs.

  • Information entered into CRIC will not be retained by this calculator.
  • This calculator assumes full contributions are made based on earnings entered.
  • This calculator only provides full year estimates between ages 61 and 70.
  • The calculator's results are rough estimates for information purposes only - not financial planning.
  • The calculator does not collect personal information or identifiers.
Based on your information below, your PRB estimate at age 0 is $0 per year, expressed in today's dollars.

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