Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

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If you do not have a CPP Statement of Contributions, or if it does not provide an estimate for the age of 65, please provide the following information. This will help us make an educated guess of what your CPP retirement pension will be at 65:
$52,500 is the maximum pensionable earnings level in Canada for 2014. Contributions are not made to CPP on earnings above this level. For more information check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Based on the amount below, your estimate at 65 is $104 per month ($1,248 per year), expressed in today's dollars.

per year.

We base your estimate on the assumption that you start your CPP retirement pension at 65. We also assume that your future average earnings to the age of 65 will be the same as the amount you entered above. The closer you are to retirement, the more accurate your estimate will be.